Realized by – Francesco Biangardi in 1896; Giuseppe Emma 1975
Ordered by – Congregation of millers and keepers
It belongs to the congregation of carrier
Labor cost – 1896 group lire 1.200; 1975 statue unknown

The simulacrum originally composed of two characters present, at the foot of the cross, the Virgin Mary and a Seraphim, who came to comfort her, around which, scattered on the mountain, were the symbol of the Passion.
In the early twentieth century, due to a fire, the group went almost completely destroyed, with the exception of the Virgin’s face and the Angel – now at the diocesan museum.
In 1973, Giuseppe Emma, a valid sculptor from San Cataldo (small village near Caltanissetta) incorporated the parts saved by the fire in a new sculpture, which shows, in the true eyes of the sky, the profound suppleness and obedience to the divine design.

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